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Established in 2014, our company has garnered acclaim for its excellence and
innovative solutions in the realm of digital marketing. With a focus on client
satisfaction, we collaborate closely with businesses across diverse sectors,
crafting tailored strategies to fulfill their specific objectives and aspirations.

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Our Approach

in Strategy, Design
and Development

Uncover stakeholder needs, define project scope, and blueprint plans with precision timelines and risk-mitigating strategies for seamless execution aligned with client objectives.

Bring the vision to life by deploying the ERP system, tailoring modules, and rigorously testing for flawless functionality, ensuring compliance with industry standards and client expectations.

Ignite success with a smooth go-live, transitioning seamlessly into production. Continuously monitor, support, and optimize for peak performance, ensuring sustained reliability and scalability for lasting impact.

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Interview stakeholders, define scope, goals, and develop plans with timelines, resources, and risk strategies for project success.


Develop & Deploy Solution, customize modules, integrate with existing software, and conduct user acceptance testing for validation.


Implement go-live plan, monitor performance, provide support, conduct audits, and optimize for system reliability and scalability.

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Our Project

Clip & Climb
Booking System

Design and development of a cutting-edge multi-tenant
booking application, deployed globally across multiple centers.
Successfully implemented for Clip 'n Climb, with a network
spanning over 350 centers worldwide, demonstrating adept strategic
planning and solution architecture prowess.

Clip n Climb
Our Project

ERP and Hospital

Gyapom EMR stands as a comprehensive Hospital Management System,
offering integrated features including Lab, Billing, Pharmacy,
PACS, and more. Experience the power of Gyapom, a leading Health
Information Provider and User, with a demo instance available in
the Sandbox.

Gyapom ERP and Hospital Management Software
Our Project

Human Resources

The Employee Information Management system offers centralized
storage for employee records, streamlining HR tasks like onboarding
and performance management. Payroll Processing automates calculations
and tax reporting, while Leave Management simplifies leave requests and
balances, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Our Project

Management System

Our goal is to simplify record-keeping tasks and boost
organizational effectiveness. This system will centralize
and digitize personnel records, providing convenient access
to critical information like photos, profiles, and biographies.

Clip n Climb
Our Project

Wild Fire
Detection System

Our IoT sensors accurately detect fire-related
environmental factors such as carbon monoxide, smoke,
temperature, and humidity, even in harsh forest
conditions. Real-time data capture enhances proactive
fire monitoring.

Clip n Climb
Our Project

Sports Management

Elevate your sports management game with our dynamic
Sports Management Application. Tailored for teams,
leagues, and organizations, our comprehensive platform
simplifies scheduling, registration, player management,
and communication, empowering you to focus on what truly
matters: the game.

Sports Management ERP
Our Project

Management Solution

Revolutionize the way your customers dine with our
cutting-edge food ordering app. Seamlessly designed for
user-friendly navigation, our app empowers restaurants
to effortlessly manage orders and customers to enjoy
convenient and personalized dining experiences, all at
their fingertips.

Ondemand Restaurants Food Ordering Application
Our Project

Learning Management
System (LMS)

Our LMS empowers organizations to deliver engaging
online learning experiences, streamline training
processes, and track learner progress effectively.
With customizable features and user-friendly interface,
our LMS is the perfect solution for modern educational
and corporate training needs.

Learning Management System
Our Project

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Explore our comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
solutions portfolio! Our ERP systems integrate core business
processes, including finance, HR, inventory, and supply chain
management, into a unified platform. Empower your organization
with efficient workflows, real-time data insights, and enhanced

Enterprise Resource Planning
Our Project

Case Management

Effortlessly manage cases with our Case Management Software.
Streamline processing, coordination, and communication for
efficient claims management. Benefit from flexibility,
scalability, security, and an intuitive UI tailored to your
business needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Our Project

Dental Practise
Management Solution

Our Dental Management System (DMS) empowers dental practices
to deliver exceptional patient care, improve operational
efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth in today's competitive
healthcare landscape.

Enterprise Resource Planning
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The cost of a software project is influenced by various factors such as the project scope and complexity, the level of customization required, the technology stack used, the number of features, and the timeline for development. Additionally, factors like integration with existing systems, scalability requirements, and the need for ongoing support and maintenance also impact the overall cost.

Pricing for software projects is typically calculated based on an assessment of the project requirements and scope. This assessment includes factors such as the estimated number of hours required for development, the rates of the development team, any additional resources needed, and any potential third-party costs. Once these factors are considered, a pricing structure is determined, which may include fixed-price quotes, time and materials estimates, or a combination of both.

The costs involved in a software project can be broken down into several categories, including development costs (covering tasks such as coding, testing, and debugging), design and UX/UI costs, project management costs, quality assurance costs, infrastructure costs (such as hosting and server expenses), and any additional expenses for third-party tools or services. Additionally, ongoing support and maintenance costs should also be considered when budgeting for a software project.

£300/Per Month

Affordable option for website setup, basic SEO, content updates, bi-weekly SEO analysis, and monthly performance reports, ideal for growing businesses.

Website setup and design

Monthly security updates

Content updates (up to 10 pages)

Bi-weekly SEO analysis and optimization

Monthly performance reports

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£499/Per Month

Comprehensive solution with priority support, advanced SEO, performance audits, and strategy sessions for established businesses seeking maximum growth.

All features of the Standard Plan

Priority support

Enhanced SEO optimization

Quarterly website performance audits

Monthly strategy sessions

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